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Rwanda Gorilla Trek , Rwanda Safaris , Rwanda Gorilla Safaris

Everyone who loves trekking and is looking forward to a Rwanda Gorilla Trek can easily get in touch with Malaika Tours. We are a top rated company that is known to render some fine packages in regard to Rwanda Safaris. Various kinds of Rwanda Gorilla Safaris are offered by Malaika Tours. You can be rest assured that you will be able to generate some fine results in this regard. The company specializes in offering custom made service packages to the clients who are looking to go on a trek.


Our company expertly customizes gorilla trekking packages that include mountain hiking and birding safaris. Even if you are on your honeymoon then you can easily go for our wide range of services. Rwanda is one of the most amazing places in Africa that could blow your mind away. Malaika Tours will work really hard to make your experience an unforgettable one. Our boat cruise services can help anyone get closer to the nature out here.

Rwanda Gorilla Safaris

The African gorillas in Rwanda can make your day and if you wish to watch them closely then you should indulge yourself in the fine services offered by Malaika Tours. Malaika Tours has the capability to proffer all types of rescue services in case of any problem you face. Our tour operator is going to take care of everything on your behalf. We proffer the finest Gorilla Trekking safaris in Rwanda. We have gorilla tracking permits and this is why we are quite high on demand. One of the most important things which you should do is to make your bookings early on so that no inconveniences bother you.


Why choose Malaika Tours for a great Rwanda Gorilla Trek?


Malaika Tours is a specialist when it comes to offering some great Rwanda trekking tours to the tourists from all over the world. There are several reasons why you need to choose us:


  • We are a top class company that has a wide range of services for you. We don’t charge a huge sum of money from our clients.
  • Our services are flexible and adjustable in nature.
  • The staff working with us is trained to offer you the finest services in the industry.





  • About Us
    Malaika Tours is registered in Norway, we personalized, customized travel planning and safaris packages worldwide. We take the worry and find the solutions for your trip or vacation planning, Utilize our travel services and our partners to offer one on one personalized service to each of our clients.
    We offer Adventure Tours, Safaris, Golf, Sport Tours and Tracking. We specialize in Africa, Arabia, Asia, Middle East, Europe and America.
    We welcome individuals or groups – We can find what you are looking for and tailor made holidays for you.
  • Contact Us 983021352. P.B 6380 ETTERSTAD, N 0604, Oslo, Norway. Tel: + 4746353182, + 4746353182 .

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    Malaika Tours runs a highly competent and reliable safari. I highly recommend Malaika to any clients.
    Hans Pieter,S.A

    The quality of hotels in Kenya and Tanzania, safaris and all arrangement for our family were fantastic.
    Anne-Lise Inge,Norway