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Amazing Places To See On Your Malaysia, Singapore Tours

8438440018_afbb38a869_o-e1373818980498Malaysia and Singapore are best touring destinations. Both of these places offer wide variety of things to see. The day of these places starts off with beautiful nature and ends with amazing night life. A person can never feel empty while touring these places. So, here are some amazing places which you should definitely see on your Malaysia, Singapore tours-:

First, here are some amazing places of Singapore-:

1. The amazing hawker food market- First of all, a tourist should start his day with some delicious food of Singapore. He should pay a visit to the amazing hawker food market. This unique market provides widest selection of Asian food anywhere on this planet. From nasi lemak to Chinese chicken rice, everything is easily available at this amazing food market.

2 .The beautiful and relaxing botanic gardens- The next place which has to be seen after hawker food market is the botanic garden. This garden is one of the most visited places of Singapore. It provides a great sensation of natural world. It is one of the best places to have an escape from the rush of the city.  The rainforest, lakes and wired plants of this garden are major attractions for tourists from different parts of the world.

3.The amazing Chinatown of Singapore- the next amazing place which has to be seen while touring Singapore is Chinatown. This place depicts a clear picture of the vibrant Chinatown street market and scour through a wide variety of eye catching items. Various items like beautiful candles, modern jewelries, traditional clothes and Chinese marks are found at this amazing place.

So, this was all about Singapore. Now here are some places which you should see while touring Malaysia-:

1. The first destination is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- This city is the capital of Malaysia. It is a major attraction for tourists coming from different parts of the world. More than 200 years old, this city is a cultural melted pot. Its major attractions are amazing skyscrapers and buzzing scenes of dining, shopping and night life parties. If you are looking for fun and enjoyment then definitely go for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2.The Gunung Mulu National Park and its attractive cave system- the second amazing place to see in Malaysia is Gunung Mulu national park. This park is a nice natural place, famous for its unique limestone karst formations and cave systems. The cave systems are a big attraction for tourists and visitors. The park also features largest and longest cave system of the world.

So, these were some places which you should see on your Malaysia and Singapore tours. Both of these destinations are perfect to experience an adventurous tour.


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